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    Consultation & support


    A large part of our work consists of counseling people who are looking for support in their current emergency situation. Every person is an individual case and every life trajectory proceeds differently. For this reason, our main focus is on assessing the individual situation and finding a suitable solution together.

    Acting in a network

    Finding solutions often means thinking outside our own structures. As soon as we can’t directly start helping further, the goal is to find the right service or a suitable project to support the respective situation. This is why we work hand in hand with many other organizations that work for refugee and homeless women and families in Bolzano and South Tyrol. Only through this networking can active, sustainable, and individually appropriate support be provided.

    Finding housing and a job

    We try to help as much as possible on-site. Many individuals come to us because they currently have no secure roof over their heads. When circumstances fit, they move into one of our temporary shelters. However, this is not where the support stops. There is no point in renovating just one pillar if the others remain crumbling. This is why a large part of the internal counseling consists of support in searching for work and housing as well as educational matters, which is intended to support a secure life in autonomy and a self-determined future.

    Accompanying everyday life

    Everyday life also includes bureaucratic visits to authorities and doctors or hospitals. While this is a burden for many citizens – migrants can often find it difficult to fit in, as each country organizes civil services differently and language skills are often not yet sufficient. We support them in legal and socio-sanitary matters, thus introducing them to the system and promoting their inclusion.

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